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Pain Management

We offer a comprehensive functional restoration program that addresses the multitude of skills necessary to cope with chronic health and improve your day-to-day functioning without excessive reliance on pain medication.

An effective intensive interdisciplinary functional restoration program requires an extensive array of treatment provided by skilled therapists covering a variety of disciplines. Our program includes physicians, psychologists, biofeedback specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and vocational specialists. Our treatment team partners with the patient, referring physicians, other community treatment providers, and family members to offer the most concentrated effort towards helping the patient achieve the maximum level of functioning.

Referral and Assessment Process

The referral process begins with contact between our admissions staff and any of several parties involved in the patient’s care. Such parties might include the attending physician, nurse case manager, vocational rehabilitation counselor, or insurance or MCO representative. 

Medical Services

One of the main goals of our functional restoration program is to decrease the individual’s over-reliance upon continuing medical services. Therefore, our physician’s involvement within our interdisciplinary program is primarily consultative in nature.

Physical Therapy

Within our functional restoration program, physical therapy typically consists of stretching, strengthening, and improving cardiovascular function through an individualized exercise program. Each program is designed to address the de-conditioning that often results from chronic pain.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists work with program patients to identify difficulties in performing daily occupations, and assist patients in developing methods to increase functioning in these areas. Our occupational therapists also provide detailed education to the patient on the topics of body mechanics, pacing, posture, and ergonomics.

Psychological Services

During interdisciplinary functional restoration program, patients work with our psychologists who specialize in the area of chronic health assessment and treatment. Patients participate in psycho-educational groups addressing such pain related topics as sleep management, family issues, assertive communication, and the way that cognitions affect their ability to cope with pain.

Biofeedback and Relaxation

In biofeedback and relaxation training, patients use a variety of monitoring devices to observe their own muscular tension, surface temperature, heart rate, and other physiological functions. Increased awareness of this information allows individuals to improve their ability to evoke a relaxation response, and in turn reduce the negative effects of chronic pain and muscular tension.

Vocational Services

Vocational services provided within the context of a functional restoration program often involve close coordination of the program’s vocational specialist with the externally assigned vocational rehabilitation counselor. Effective communication between the internal and external vocational providers allows for rapid problem solving if difficulties or challenges arise during treatment.

Putting It All Together

It is important to understand that although each of the specific components of the Functional Restoration Program are designed to promote gains in that specific area, the greatest benefit from treatment comes from the synergistic effect that the different therapies have on each other.

Work Hardening

Our Work Hardening Program is designed to successfully help transition an individual from acute care to return to work in a specific job without further injury.

The program is a highly structured, goal oriented and individualized format designed to obtain maximum benefit in a relatively brief period of time. Our highly qualified and experienced physical therapy staff works individually with each patient to improve their strength, flexibility, and endurance. Specially trained occupational therapy staff design a work simulation program that improves functional strength, dynamic lifting capacities and positional activity tolerances.

Patients must possess a willingness to fully participate in the program, a key element in successful transition to a safe return to work.

The program typically starts with an initial assessment by a board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician and a physical or occupational therapist. If accepted into our program, the person usually starts with 4 hours of consecutive treatment, five days per week. The lengths of the treatment day as well as the physical demands of the program are increased systematically over a period of 3-4 weeks with a transition back to the work place. Treatment is coordinated with the attending physician, a vocational rehabilitation consultant, and the employer, with information also provided to the insurer regarding the individual’s progress.

Our Work Conditioning Program is directed at preparing an individual for general return to work when a specific job has not yet been determined. Physical and occupational therapy staff design an individual strengthening and conditioning program to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and overall physical capacities.

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