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We know that it’s important to learn about chronic pain and pain management, so we’ve gathered some helpful web links and phone numbers to help you educate yourself.


National Chronic Pain Outreach Association: 540.862.9437

American Academy of Pain Management: 209.533.9744 

American Chronic Pain Association (ACAP): 916.789.1232, 800.533.3231 (toll free)

American Council for Headache Education: 856.423.0258 

American Pain Foundation: 888.615.PAIN (toll free) 

Pain Society of Oregon

Quest Center for Integrative Health Pain Program

National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain: 713.862.9332

Recommended Reading

Insurance & Billing

Many worker’s compensation insurance carriers will consider payment for comprehensive pain management services.

Outpatient services may also be covered by both worker’s compensation, auto insurance and commercial insurance depending upon your policy provisions. Please review your individual policy or contact your insurance carrier for an explanation of medical, physical, occupational, mental health and other therapy coverage. Northwest Occupational Medicine Center, Inc as a courtesy to you, will bill your primary insurance carrier. Patients are responsible to pay for services at the time of service, in accordance with your insurance contracts.

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